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Hidden Pines Farm Cumby Texas – I have fertilized eggs for sale. My chickens were all together and start breeding a little earlier than I was expecting. My flock consist of Easter Eggers (Ameraucana), Black Copper Marans, Welsummer, Lavender Orpington hens and a couple others I’m not sure of the breed.

The roosters are Easter Eggers (Ameraucana), Black Copper Marans, Leghorn, and one other mix.
The eggs will range from Easter eggers (Easter Egger is the Alpha) to Black Copper Marans to the mix which are olive eggers. They Leghorn and other one hasn’t started breeding yet.
Eggs – Mixture 3 for $10, 6 for $18, 12 for $35, and 24 for $60.
These will be either a mixture of each color I have.
They can be shipped but for better results I recommend picking them up if at all possible, for better results and higher hatching rates. The fertilization rates have been high. They hatch rate I am working because of the incubator I have. New ones on order.
I have about 100 eggs incubating now for personal flock but starting Friday I will be incubating roughly 35 to 40 Easter eggers 20 hybrids, and as many Black copper Marans as I can so that I get a hatch every week. The chickens are separated by breed now.
Eggs – After Separation
Easter eggers and Hybrids –.50
Olive Eggers – 3.00 - (coming soon)
Black Copper Maran – 3.00
Blue Copper Maran – 5.00 (coming soon)
Frosted White Legbar – 15.00 (coming soon)
Day Old Chicks
Easter eggers and Hybrids – 2.50 - Listed online as 3.14
Olive Eggers – 8.00 - Listed online as 10.41 (coming soon)
Black Copper Maran – 8.00 Listed online as 10.41
Blue Copper Maran – 13.00 Listed online as 19.25 (coming soon)
Frosted White Legbar – 40.00 Listed online as 53.35 (coming soon)
Older Pullets will be more and posted as they age.
I will be registered with the state Friday but will not be able to have them NPIP certified due to a shortage of the materials they need to do the testing. These flocks came from NPIP flocks from Meyers and Cackle hatcheries. They will be tested and certified as soon as the inspectors have what they need to perform the testing.

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